Seminars/ RIMAD Activities

The programme of RIMAD Research Seminars 2012-13 is being developed below.
The seminars are held on Wednesdays lunchtime from 1pm - 2pm in Room A107, Park Square, Luton (How to get here -
If you have a suggestion for a speaker or would like to give a presentation on your latest work then please feel free to get in contact with Dave Miller (||rellim.divad) who is curating the 2012/2013 series.
Previous series can be located here

2012/2013 Term One

Event Number Date Location/Room Speaker Seminar Title
1 03.10.12 A107 13:00-14:00 No seminar First teaching week
2 10.10.12 A107 13:00-14:00 No seminar
3 17.10.12 A107 13:00-14:00 REF Update REF briefing (Staff Only)
4 24.10.12 A107 13:00-14:00 Steve Dumbleton
PhD student in Privacy, UoB
Seminar subject: Deconceptualising Privacy: A Condition of Social Negotiation.
5 31.10.12 A107 13:00-14:00
6 07.11.12 A107 13:00-14:00 David Malone
Financial blogger, film maker & author of "The Debt Generation"
Seminar subject: Why are we bailing out the banks?
7 14.11.12 A107 13:00-14:00 Dr. Pat Brereton
Associate Dean of Research, Dublin City University
Seminar subject: Smart Cinema
8 21.11.12 C419 12:00-14:00 RIMAD board meeting RIMAD Board (RIMAD Board Members only)
9 28.11.12 A107 13:00-14:00 Dr Scott Thurston
Senior Lecturer in English & Creative Writing, University of Salford
Seminar subject: Poetry, Movement, Gesture
10 05.12.12 A107 13:00-14:00 Noel Douglas
Leader, Design for Communication, UoB
Seminar subject: Occupy Design UK
11 12.12.12 A107 13:00-14:00 James Fair &
University of Staffordshire
Seminar subject: The 72 Project - Alternative Models of Film Production

2012/2013 Term Two

Event Number Date Location/Room Speaker Seminar Title
1 09.01.13 A107 13:00-14:00
2 16.01.13 A107 13:00-14:00 Nadezda Fadina
PhD student, UoB
Seminar subject: Contemporary Russian Cinema: From Dusk till Dawn.
Exploring a twenty-year period of post-Soviet Russian cinema, debating its financial, artistic and ideological sides.
3 23.01.13 A107 13:00-14:00 Dave Miller
RIMAD Research Fellow
Seminar subject: The Augmented Book project
4 30.01.13 A107 13:00-14:00 Bronwyn Jones
PhD Researcher, Sessional Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University
Seminar subject: Social networking the news: emerging journalistic practices at global news agencies
5 06.02.13 A107 13:00-14:00 Seminar cancelled - rescheduled to 2013-14
6 13.02.13 A107 13:00-14:00 Mark Margaretten
PhD student in Political use of social media, UoB
Seminar subject: Twitter and Politics
7 20.02.13 A107 13:00-14:00 Sound Design students, UoB CANCELLED
8 27.02.13 A107 13:00-14:00 Alastair Turner
Masters student, UoB
Seminar subject: Media and the 2012 Paralympics
9 06.03.13 A107 13:00-14:00 Xavier Mendik
Project Leader Film and Media, Brunel University
Seminar subject: Cult horror remakes/sequels and Cine-Excess.
10 13.03.13 A107 13:00-14:00 Professor Alexis Weedon
Head of Journalism and Communications, UoB
Seminar subject: Using digital archives for research into an early public library in Kidderminster
11 20.03.13 A107 13:00-14:00 Dr James Walters
Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Studies, University of Birmingham
Seminar subject: Dance in Film and Television
12 20.03.13 Ian Dixon Lecture theatre - Room A004 - 18:00 - 21:00 Dr Richard Stallman
Founder of the free software movement and the GNU operating system
Lecture subject: A Free Digital Society

2012/2013 Term Three

Event Number Date Location/Room Speaker Seminar Title
1 17.04.13 A107  13:00-14:00   Stephen Keane
Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Studies, The University of Northampton
Seminar Subject: Videogames and Television
2 24.04.13 A107  13:00-14:00   Clement Akpang
PhD student University of Bedfordshire
Seminar subject: Cultural Ramifications of Found Objects in Art/ African Modernism
3 01.05.13 A107  13:00-14:00   RIMAD Board Meeting  RIMAD Board (RIMAD Board Members only)
4 08.05.13 A107  13:00-14:00   Dr. Grainne Kirwan
Lecturer in Cyberpsychology, Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland.  
 Seminar subject: The Psychology of Cybercrime
5 15.05.13 A107  13:00-14:00   Dr Catherine Grant
REFRAME Editor, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, University of Sussex
Seminar subject: Towards Videographic Film Studies? CANCELLED
6 22.05.13 A107  13:00-14:00   Lydia Melnova
Comenius University of Bratislava
Seminar subject: Women's innovative poetry. CANCELLED
7 29.05.13 A107  13:00-14:00   Trevor Klein
Seminar subject: story apps and digital stories
8 05.06.13 A107  13:00-14:00   Steven Dumbleton
University of Bedfordshire 
Seminar Subject: Confronting The Binary: Online, Offline, Public, Private? 
9 12.06.13 A107  13:00-14:00      
10 19.06.13 A107  13:00-14:00      
11 26.06.13 A107  13:00-14:00