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The Research Institute for Media Art and Design at the University of Bedfordshire is engaged in exciting and innovative research across all our areas of activity. For research students, it is important to make yourselves known and begin to build your career.

Careers surveys

This report from Athena is particularly interesting in what it says about encouraging and making visable research and research activities. There is quite a bit to about gender difference in developing research careers.

See the full text in the file athena.pdf attached to the file tab below


Here are some conferences you can attend. Please add a page with any conferences you know about.

People to contact for info about these key conferences (if you are going to put in a paper etc)

IAMCR - Garry Whannel

Screen - Carlota Larrea

MECCSA - Janey Gordon/ Ivor Gaber

Crossroads in Cultural Studies - Garry Whannel

ICA - Alexis Weedon


What if every person who lived in Europe took a picture of the view through her or his window? Wouldn’t such a collection of photographs give us a real idea of what Europe actually looked like to those who lived there?

Running in the conference [[Media in the enlarged Europe]] will be the exhibition '''Views from nowhere''', please visit nowhere and post a view.

Make a research poster!

There are various 'how to make a Research Poster' guides on the web. Most of the information provided are for subjects in the Natural Sciences.

There are some examples of research posters are at


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