Your thesis

Copyright exists in created works for 70 years after the author's death. So it is likely that works 150 years old is in copyright. See

Your thesis will be published after your viva. The copyright is yours but you must make sure you have permissions or releases form all copyright holders of images OR take them out in the published version.

Quotes, fully referenced, are fine to use, but you must not use more than 5% of copyright material


If you are beginning in the classroom and want to know if you can use cuttings, photocopy articles etc University of Staffs has a good page on it

The Copyright licencing agency too

If concerned check these websites. I have found the following rule of thumb useful in assessing the risk: copyright it a commercial transaction so ask yourself a) whether someone is losing money by your action and they are losing enough to go to law over (hopefully the answer is no!) b) whether your use is purely for educational or reviewing purposes, ie no financial transactions are involved with you or the University (hopefully your answer is yes!)

In all cases make sure the author/originator is clearly acknowledged.