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Please update with all your research and practice outputs from 1 August 2011 to 31 July 2012 only please. These go into the RIMAD annual report (academic year) and University of Bedfordshire Annual report (calender year).


Gordon, Janey (editor) (2011) Community Radio in 21st Century, Peter Lang, Oxford

Hockley, L., Gardiner, L., (co-eds_ (2011) House – a sebzett gyógyító a televízióban. Oriold: Hungary.

Hockley, L., Hauke, C., (co-eds) (2011) Jung and Film II. The Return: New Post-Jungian Reflections on film, Routledge: Hove.

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Horne, J.; and G. Whannel (2011) Understanding the Olympics, London: Routledge

Horne, J.; A, Tomlinson, G. Whannel and K. Woodward, (2012) Understanding Sport, (Second Edition, new and revised) material London: Routledge

Edited works


Invited Talks

Charles, A. (2012). Invited presentation at a symposium on journalism and the representation of race at the London Jewish Cultural Centre funded by the International Taskforce on Holocaust Education and Research, 26 January 2012.

Fisher, Austin. "Go West, Comrade! Radical Frontiers in the Spaghetti Western". The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 16th April 2012.

Fisher, Austin. Introduction and Q & A on "A Bullet for the General". The Irish Film Institute, Dublin. 27th August 2011.

Gordon, Janey. ( September 2011) "The history of radio and its impact on the community radio concept revolution." Invited open plenary speaker at ECREA, Radio Congress,
University of Minho, Braga Portugal 14th-16th September 2011.

Weedon A. (2011) Redefining Models of Adaptation: An Exploration of the Role of the Audience. ECREA Finland 2-3 September

Gaber I. (2012) "Hocus pocus and everything you and your students wanted to know about polling, but were too afraid to ask". RIMAD University of Bedforshire, 1st February 2012.

Bassil-Morozow, Helena. (February 2012) "Tim Burton: The Monster and the Crowd. A Post-Jungian Perspective".

Michelle Paule (February 2012) "Small Screen Smarts: Narratives and representations of gender and ability in Teen TV"

Dr. Akmal Abdelrahman (February 2012) "The Impact of the Egyptian Revolution on Contemporary Egyptian Art (Revolutionized Art)"

Geraint John , Chief Architect, GB Sports Council (March 2012) "Designing a Sustainable Architecture and Legacy for the London 2012 Olympic Games"

Paul Rowinski (March 2012) "Berlusconi,Murdoch and the language of prejudice over Europe"

Tamiko Thiel (March 2012) "In/compatible and UNCONTAINABLE Augmented Reality Works"

Austin Fisher (April 2012) "Go West Comrade! Revising the Frontiers of the Spaghetti Western"

Katy Haber (May 2012) "The making of the films Straw Dogs and Blade Runner"

Justin Schlosberg (May 2012) "REVITALISING PUBLIC INTEREST NEWS - the broader structural issues that have compromised the provision of public interest journalism across platforms."

David Moorhead (May 2012) "The impact of commercial ideology on adaptation through the process of screenwriting"

Tom Scott (May 2012) "Privacy: where do we go next?"

Michael Szpakowski (May 2012) "Recent work/fun - 450 videos, 12 remix competitions, learning to draw in public and rehabilitating the snapshot"

Whannel, Garry (2012) From Close Up to Twitter Trend: Media, vortextuality, and the problems of analysing celebrity, paper presented to symposium on Mediated Celebrity: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, University of Stockholm, February 3rd-4th, 2012

Agnieszka Piotrowska (June 2012) THE ENGAGEMENT PARTY IN HARARE, Latest film and controversy in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Under the Mask 2012: Perspectives on the Gamer conference (June 2012)

Dr. David Barnard-Wills (June 2012) Cranfield University, VOME. Playing With Privacy


Group exhibitions

Miller, Dave (July-Aug 2012). 'Invisible Forces', McKenzie Pavillion, Finsbury Park, London

Peer reviewed journal articles

Bradley, E., Quested, E. & Wyon, M. (2011). ‘Dancing in the moment: Frequency of flow experiences amongst recreational, vocational and professional dancers’ in Journal of Dance Medicine and Science

Charles, A. (2012) ‘Deer departed: a study of the news coverage of the death of the Exmoor Emperor’ in Journalism Education 1:1, 48-60.

Diedrich, A. (2011) ‘Acting Out Trauma in the Theatre of Embarrassment: George Tabori’s Shylock Improvisations’, in Performance Research: ‘On Trauma’, 16:1, 142-152.

Gordon, Janey (2011) “You’re in the Radio LaB!” - university radio stations serving the wider community, using case studies from the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States. In a themed issue of 'Student and University Radio', Interactions: Studies in Communication and Culture' (editor Salvatore Scifo)

Lay, Samantha & Thomas, Lisa (2012) ‘Ethnic Minority Media in London: Transition and Transformation’, Media, Culture and Society, 34(3): 369–380.

Thomas, Lisa (2011) ‘Reconstructions of Reality? The Coverage of the Gaza Withdrawal in the British Media’, Journalism Studies, 12(4): 522–538.

Weedon, Alexis (2012) 'The Book as a dynamic system for the commodification of ideas and cultural expressions' Primerjalna knjizevost (Ljubljana) 35.1 (2012) 91-102

Articles and chapters

Charles, A. (2011) ‘Pictures at an atrocity exhibition – modernism and dystopian realism in David Peace’s Red Riding Quartet’ in Analysing David Peace, ed. Katy Shaw (Cambridge Scholars Publishing). 61-76.

Faherty, Michael (2012) 'Hound & Horn (1927-34)', in Brooker, P. and Thacker, A. (eds.) The Oxford Critical and Cultural History of Modernist Magazines: Volume 2, North America 1894-1960. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 420-36.

Gordon, Janey (2011) “Community Radio Audience Research” in Matt Mollgaard (ed) Radio Conference 2011, Cambridge Scholars Press.

Hockley, Luke (2011) 'Depth Psychology and The Cinematic Experience: The Third Image' in, Jung and Film II. The Return: New Post-Jungian Reflections on film, Hauke, C., and Hockley, L., (eds.) Routledge: Hove.

Walsh, Clare (2011) ‘Inducing Despair? A Study of Robert Cormier’s Young Adult Fiction’ in Macmillan Casebook edited by Adrienne Gavin.

Pedagogical research



Print and online Journalism

Charles, A. (2012). 'What a tangled world wide web they weave' in Tribune magazine, 9 March 2012.


Price, A. & Steadman, M. (2011) Fugitive Songs The Brighton Festival, The Brewery, Bristol, Bath Spa Live Festival



Charles, A. (2011) Interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio about the relocation of the Express newspaper group to Luton (29 November).

Conference papers

Bailey, H. (2011) ‘Re-membering Dance: Motion capture, networked choreography and collaborative memory’ at Camillo 2.0 Performance Studies International #17, Urtecht, 25-29 May 2011 (accepted)

Charles, A. (2011) ‘Deer departed: a study of the news coverage of the death of the Exmoor Emperor’, Political Studies Association Media & Politics Group Annual Conference, Bournemouth University, 3-4 November 2011.

Dunn, S., Bailey, H., Norman, S.J., Woolford, K. (2011) ‘Motion in place: archaeological reconstruction and motion capture’ at the 39th Annual Conference of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, Beijing, China, April 12-16, (accepted)

Fisher, Austin (2012) "Italian Americanisms: Popular Italian Cinema in the Light of the Transnational". SCMS 2012, Boston MA, March

Fisher, Austin (2012) "La cinema all’americana? Defining the Transnational 'Popular'". MeCCSA University of Bedfordshire, January

Philips, D. and G. Whannel, 'Commercial Sponsorship, the NHS and the hidden neo-liberal agenda', paper presented to MeCCSA 2012 at the University of Bedfordshire, 11-13th January

Weedon, Alexis (2012) "Redefining models of adaptation: an exploration of the role of the audience" MeCCSA, University of Bedfordshire, January

Whannel, G. (2012) ‘Political Humour in the cartoons of Victor Weisz (Vicky)’ paper presented to the 6th International Comedy Conference, University of Salford, UK, May 31-June 1, 2012

Conference/Workshop attendence/participation

Douse, L. Thinking Through Dance: The philosophy of dance performance and practices, Roehampton University, 26 February 2011.



Other activities


Esteem, Awards and Prizes

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