Enter Your Research Outcomes 2009-10

Please update with all your research and practice outputs from 1 August 2009 to 31 July 2010 only please. These go into the RIMAD annual report (academic year) and University of Bedfordshire Annual report (calender year).


Lomax, E. (2009) The Writings of Hesba Stretton: Reclaiming the Outcast, Farnham and Burlington: Ashgate.

Wolfe, Kathryn (2010) So you want to be a TV presenter?, Nick Hern Books

Edited works

Gordon, Janey (editor) ( 2009) Notions of Community, A Collection of Community Media Debates and Dilemmas, Peter Lang Ltd, Oxford.

Weedon, Alexis (2010) (General Editor) History of the Book in the West, 5 Vols series.

Weedon, A (2010) (ed) History of the Book in the West: the Twentieth Century, Volume 5 with introductory essay

Weedon A (2010) and Stephen Colclough (eds) History of the Book in the West: the Nineteenth Century, volume 4 with introductory essay


Bailey, H. (2009) ‘Assessing the impact of e-Science on practice-led research through the e-Dance Project’ invited opening keynote paper at AHM2009 UK e- Science All-Hands Meeting Annual International Conference, University of Oxford, UK

Digance J & Green D. British Short Film Production, Peterkit Film Festival, St Petersburg, Russia, October 2009.

Hockley, L., Plenary, Jung and Film - Post Jungian Takes on the Moving Image, Confederation of Analytical Psychology, Third Annual Andrew Samuels Lecture, Brunei Gallery, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, April 2010.

Jebb, Keith, Keynote, 16th International Reflective Practice Conference, University of Bedfordshire, Putteridge Bury, Luton, 23-25 June 2010

Price, A. & Nunes Tucker, A. (2009) “Reflection in Action/Performing Practice” Keynote Presentation at 15th International Reflective Practice Conference, University of Limerick (June)


Douglas, Noel (2010) Street based installations, COP15 UN Summit, Copenhagen December 2009, World Peoples' Summit on Climate Change Term Paper, Cochabamba, Bolvia April 2010.

Group exhibitions

Callaghan, J. (2010) Ikonoclash, Centro Cultural de Lagos, Algarve Portugal, 5 June - 1 August

Callaghan, J. (2010) ''Still Moving'' in Moves10: International Festival of Movement on Screen, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, 21-25 April

Douglas, Noel (2010) Finalist 22nd International Poster Biennale Wilanów Poster Museum, Warsaw, Poland 2 June–31 August 2010.

Douglas, Noel (2010) Protest: Fight the Power: Twenty Years of the Political Poster, part of BASS Festival, Custard Factory, Birmingham, 3–30 June 2010. (British Council sponsored show)

Douglas, Noel (2010) as Curator and exhibitor. Signs of Revolt, Truman Brewery, London. 13–23 November 2009.

Peer reviewed journal articles

Bailey, H., Buckingham-Shum, Le Blanc, A, S., Popat, S., Turner, M., Rowley, A. (2009) “Dancing on the Grid: Using e-Science tools to extend choreographic research” in Philosophical Transactions A, The Royal Society ISBN 978-0-85403-757-5

Charles, Alec (2009) ‘Playing with one’s self: notions of subjectivity and agency in digital games’ in Eludamos: Journal for Computer Game Culture 3:2, pp. 281-294.

Jebb, Keith, review of Ian Brinton, A Matter of Utterance: The Poetry of J.H. Prynne, in Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry, Vol 2, Number 1, March 2010.

Larrea, Carlota. "Water, Window, Moon: Visual Metaphors in Julio Medem's Lucia y el sexo". Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies, 2009, vol15, no. 1

Saklatvala, Robin and Gordon, Janey (2009) “The B:Fest: Pedagogy and Public Spaces”, Networks, ADM-HEA, October 2009

Stewart, Gavin (2010) "The Paratexts of Inanimate Alice: Thresholds, Genre Expectations and Status", Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, Vol. 16, No. 1, 57-74 (2010)DOI: 10.1177/1354856509347709

Whannel, Garry (2009) ‘Television and the Transformation of Sport’, The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Vol. 625, No. 1, 205-218, DOI: 10.1177/0002716209339144

Whannel, Garry (2009) (with John Horne) ‘The ‘caged torch procession’: celebrities, protesters and the 2008 Olympic torch relay in London, Paris and San Francisco, in Sport in Society Special Issue, edited by D. Martinez & K Latham, 2010

Whannel, Garry (2010) ‘News, Celebrity and Vortextuality: a study of the media coverage of the Jackson Verdict’ in Cultural Politics, v6 n1, pp65-84,

Mellor, Noha (2009) War as a Moral Discourse. International Communication Gazette, Vol. 71(5).
Mellor, Noha (2009) Strategies for Autonomy. Arab journalists reflecting on their roles. Journalism studies. Vol. 10(3).
Mellor, Noha (2009) Politics of Mitigation. Critical Discourse Studies. Vol. 6 (1).

Articles and chapters

Bailey, H. (2009) “e-Dance: using digital cartography to map the choreographic process” in the proceedings of Topographies: Sites, Bodies, Technologies, Society of Dance History Scholars 32nd Annual International Conference proceedings Stanford University, USA

Bailey, H., Buckingham-Shum, S., Popat, S., Turner, M., (2009) “e-Dance: digital topographies and knowledge cartography in networked performance” in the proceedings in ISEA 2009 15th International Conference Proceedings ISBN 978-1-905902-05-7.

Charles, Alec (2009) ‘History & Who-topia: a Wellsian re-reading of Russell T Davies’s Doctor Who’ in Altertopian 1.

Charles, Alec (2010) ‘The mediacratic subject: reflections upon the illusion of interactivity in contemporary mass media forms’ in The Evidence 3.

Darwood, Nicola (2009) 'Empty Boxes, Empty Spaces: Elizabeth Bowen's The Little Girls' in McNair, A and Ryder, J (eds). Further From the Frontiers: Cross-currents in Irish and Scottish Studies. Aberdeen, AHRC Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies, pp.11-20.

Darwood, Nicola (2010) 'Eviction from Eden: The Fiction of Elizabeth Bowen' in The Glass. No 22, Spring 2010, pp.41-49.

Douglas, Noel (2010) 'Attacked by Music, Type and Light', in Eye 76 pp.19-21

Faherty, Michael (2010) 'The Strange Ones: John Montague, Ezra Pound and the Troubadour Tradition', in Lee, Michelle (ed.) Poetry Criticism, vol. 106. Detroit: Gale, pp. 299-306.

Gaber, Ivor and Lisa Thomas (2009) ‘Is the BBC biased? The Corporation and the coverage of the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah war’, in L. Marsden & H. Savigny (eds), Media, religion and conflict, Surrey: Ashgate.

Gordon, Janey (2009) (Invited) Spectrum for the Common People / Spettro per la gente comune No. 13, September 2009 Connected & People a cura di / dossier coordonné par / edited by Andreas Fernadez, Andrea Mubi Brighenti on line at www.losquaderno.net

Hockley, Luke (2009) 'Shaken, Not Stirred: James Bond and the Puer Archetype' in, Perpetual Adolescence: Jungian Analyses of American Media, Literature and Pop Culture. Eds. Sally Porterfield, Keith Polette and Tita French Baumlin. The State University of New York Press (SUNY): Albany.

Hockley, Luke (2009) 'Losing the Plot: A Story of Individuation and the Movies'. Quadrant: THe Journal of the C.G. Jung Foundation. Volume XXXX, no 1. Winter. pp9-24

Horne, John and Garry Whannel (2009) Beer Sponsors football: What could go wrong ?, in Sport Beer and Gender: Promotional Culture and Contemporary Social Life, (edited by Lawrence A. Wenner and Steven L. Jackson), Peter Lang, New York, 2009

Layden, Garry (forthcoming) "Vertical Studio Teaching and Assessment in Art and Design: an Evaluation of Learning Systems", on Art Design Media Subject Centre - The Higher Education Academy (ADM-HEA) website.

Silverman, Jon (forthcoming) YouTube if you want to : new media,investigative tele-journalism and social control. Part of UoB End of Journalism conference compendium.

Silverman Jon (2009) Why Tony Blair could never have been a satisfactory first president of Europe. Amsterdam Law Forum, Vol 2, No 1.

Silverman Jon (2010) Counterblast : How Tony Blair fed the feral beast of the media and savaged the criminal justice system. Howard Journal of Criminal Justice. May 2010, Vol 49, No 2.

Weedon, Alexis (2010) ‘The Economics of the Book’ in Michael Suarez SJ and H. R. Woudhuysen (eds) "Oxford Companion to the Book". Vol 1. Oxford University Press.

Weedon, Alexis (2010) in 'The Numbers Game: Quantifying the Audience' in Cutchins, Raw and Welsh (eds) ''Redefining Adaptation Studies'' Scarecrow Press p. 113-146 ISBN 978-0-8108-7298-1

Boyle, Raymond, David Rowe and Garry Whannel (2009) ‘A Crass Lack of Seriousness’? Questions for Sports Journalism, in The Routledge Companion to News and Journalism Studies. Ed Stuart Allen, Routledge

Whannel, Garry (2009) Between culture and economy: understanding the politics of media sport, in Marxism, Cultural Studies and Sport, (edited by Ben Carrington and Ian McDonald) London: Routledge

Whannel, Garry and John Horne (2009) Beer Sponsors football: What could go wrong ?, in Sport Beer and Gender: Promotional Culture and Contemporary Social Life, (edited by Lawrence A. Wenner and Steven L. Jackson), Peter Lang, New York,

Whannel, Garry (forthcoming) ‘Caught in the Spotlight: Media Themes in the build-up to the Beijing Olympic Games’, in Esporte e Sociedade Journal, Brasil

Mellor, Noha (2009) Journalists as Eyewitnesses. In M Al Rashid (ed.) Dying for Faith. London: I.B. Tauris.
Mellor, Noha (2009) The rise of a media kingdom. Viewpoints - Saudi Arabia 1979-2009, Vol. 5. Washington, DC: Middle East Institute.

Pedagogic research

Spackman, L. (2009) Approaches to Giving and Receiving Feedback. London: Youth Dance England. Authored resource for Youth Dance England’s CPD programme as part of the U-Dance initiative.


Callaghan, J.(2010) '' Determining Creative Practice'', Journal of Media Practice

Print and online Journalism

Mellor, Noha (2009) Smile…you’re on Iraqi TV. NY Times & Int’l Herald Tribune, 24 September 2009.

Silverman J "Taking a Chance" /Jon Venables and rehabilitation of offenders - BBC News Online (8.3 2010)

Silverman J " Jamaica Violence linked to US drug market" - BBC News Online ( 27.5.2010)

Silverman J Various articles, Policy Review Online / Sept.2009-April 2010

Silverman J Suspected war criminals in the UK and genocidaires - StandupTall Project website/www.standuptallproject.org.uk - 15.6.2009

Silverman J The death of Ian Tomlinson - StandupTall Project website - www.standuptallproject.org.uk - 4.8.2009


McKenna, Lesley (2009) 'Body/Scapes' and 'The Snowbound Heart' at The Blue Bus Poetry Series. The Lamb. Lamb's Conduit Street. London (15th September).

McKenna, Lesley (2009) '''Amaranthus caudatus''. Love Lies Bleeding' at Determining Creative Practice symposium. University of Bedfordshire, Luton (2nd December).

Price, A. & Steadman, M (2009) Last Night I Dreamt My House Was Leaking… Performance presentation for Monstrous Media/Spectral Subjects, Ninth Biennial Conference of the International Gothic Association, Lancaster University, British Performance Festival, Germany; Camden People’s Theatre, Sprint Festival.

Rosemary, L. & Spackman, L. (2009) Active Witness: Common Dance. Greenwich Dance Agency, London.



Britten, Robin (2009/10) BBC 3CR … IV's x 3. Why are Royals firing warning shot at press? The perfect red top story; Premier League footballers and sex. Is Sun fair to use images from "personal"mobile on front page?

Charles, Alec (2009) Interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio about online newspaper provision (30 November).

Charles, Alec (2009) Interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio about Jean Baudrillard and the culture of the virtual (27 October).

Silverman Jon (2009/10) Various interviews on criminal justice/legal issues for BBC Radio 4,5 Live, BBC World Service, BBC Wales, BBC Scotland, BBC Northern Ireland.

Conference papers

Bailey, H., Buckingham-Shum, S., Turner, M., Popat, S. (2009) “e-Dance: digital topographies and knowledge cartography in networked performance” ISEA2009 International Annual Conference, University of Ulster, UK

Bailey, H., Dunn, S. (2009) “Archaeology/Choreography: Interdisciplinary crossovers in the use of digital visualisation methods” Sites of Performance: Mapping/Theatre/History International Conference, University of Nottingham, UK

Bradley, E., Quested, E. & Wyon, M. (2009). Frequency of flow experiences in recreational, vocational and professional dancers. Conference presentation at International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, The Hague, Holland

Bradley, Elsa (2009) 'Frequency of flow experiences in recreational, vocational and professional dancers.' International Association of Dance Medicine and Science 19th Annual General Meeting, The Hague, The Netherlands, October 2009.

Bradley, Elsa (2010) 'Positive dancing: The key to optimal experiences among professional, vocational and recreational dancers.' Healthy Dancer, Healthy Dance Teacher Conference, Tartu, Estonia, June 2010.

Bradley, Elsa (2010) 'Going with the flow.' Teaching and Learning Conference, University of Bedfordshire, July 2010.

Callaghan, Joanna (2010) 'Film & Philosophy: Ideas and Things', University of Bristol - research seminar, 26 January 2010

Charles, Alec, Conrad, Mark and Neale, Jo (2010). 2010: ‘Of mice or men? – the avatar in the virtualscape’ , International Conference on Information Society, London, 28-30 June.

Charles, Alec (2010) 'The illusion of agency: a theoretical footnote upon notions of media interactivity, participation and co-authorship', Political Studies Association Annual Conference, Edinburgh.

Charles, Alec (2010) ‘The mediacratic subject: reflections upon the illusion of interactivity in contemporary mass media forms’, MeCCSA Conference, LSE.

Charles, Alec (2009) ‘The politics of trivia: a case study in the ideological iconography of the fantastical marginalia of BBC News Online’, Political Studies Association Media & Politics Group Annual Conference, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, 5-6 November.

Charles, Alec (2010) ‘Let’s stop playing games: a deconstruction of the illusory interface between the material and the virtual’, Under the Mask 2010, University of Bedfordshire.

Charles, Alec (2010) ‘The meta-Utopian metatext: the deconstructive dreams of Ulysses and Finnegans Wake’, Modernism and Utopia: Convergence in the Arts, University of Birmingham.

Darwood, Nicola (2009) ‘Eviction from Eden: the Fiction of Elizabeth Bowen’ at ‘Down to Earth: The Fall in Modern Literature’ conference, Corpus Christie College, Oxford, 7th November 2009.

Douglas, Noel (2010) 'Sign Wars' Paper given at 2nd International Design Conference: 'Responsibility in Graphic Design', Katowice, Poland 11–15 January 2010.

Gazzard, Alison 'Routes through Gamespace: Maze Paths and Videogames ', Ludotopia, ITU, Copenhagen, 27th-29th May 2010

Gordon Janey (2009) “Qualitative Audience Research: a model for the UK community radio sector.” University of York, Toronto, Canada. July 27th- 30th 2009

Gordon Janey (2010)“Qualitative Audience Research for UK community radio - a pilot study.” MeCCSA Conference, London School of Economics, 6th-8th January 2010

Hockley, Luke (2010) 'On the Edge: Psyche in Ethics, the Arts and Nature: A Conference of Research in Jung and Analytical Psychology', -‘Shaken Not Stirred…James Bond and the Country that wouldn’t grow up’, and second paper ‘House: Explorations of a Wounded Healer’. Cornell University, USA.

Jebb, Keith, 'The Pronominal Monster,' at Determining Creative Practice symposium, University of Bedfordshire, Luton, 2 December 2009.

McKenna, Lesley (2009) 'Cutting it Up: Intertextuality and the Collage Poem' at Determining Creative Practice symposium. University of Bedfordshire, Luton. 2nd December.

Stewart, Gavin (2010) Ergodicity and ARGing, at Under the Mask, Perspective on the Gamer 2010, University of Bedfordshire, Luton, Wednesday 2nd June 2010

Weedon, Alexis (2009) 'Using the Reading Experience Database in cross-media research' British Library, 29th September 2009.

Weedon, Alexis (2009) ‘Elinor Glyn: Novelist and Photoplay Writer’ National Film Theatre/British Film Institute, 7 November 2009.

Weedon, Alexis (2010) ‘Problems of Multi-disciplinarity’ – i.e. writing up research for different academic audiences so that it addresses - or recognises - the different questions which frame work in different disciplines. 12-13 Feb 2010

Whannel, Garry (2009) ‘“Is there anyone I haven’t offended ?” Notes on the roots of political stand-up comedy’ at the 3rd International Comedy Conference, University of Salford, 4th - 5th June

Whannel, G (2009) Invited Speaker, University of Malaga, Spain Summer School, August 5th, 2009

Mellor, Noha (2009) Arab journalists define their role, a paper presented at The Future of Journalism, Cardiff School of Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies, 9-10 September 2009.

Conference/Workshop attendence/participation

Conway, S, Gazzard, A & Stewart, G - Conference Co-ordinators 'Under the Mask: Perspectives on the Gamer Conference', University of Bedfordshire, 1st June 2010

Digance J, Landscaping: Artists, Maps and Britain, British Library 11/09/10.

Digance J, Documentary Now, Birkbeck College, January 2010.

Gordon, Janey - Colloquium organiser " Community Radio in Higher Education", University of Bedfordshire, 4th November 2009

Green D, Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival, November 2009.

Green D & Digance J, International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands, November 2009.

Larrea, Carlota. Convenor of international television panel at ACIS conference, Dublin, September 2009

Silverman, Jon (2009) Just Journalism round-table on international law, Westminster, 19.8.2009

Silverman, Jon (2009), Chair, 'Understanding Violence Against Women' annual conference, 19.11.2009

Silverman, Jon (2009)Chair, National Citizen Focus Policing Conference, 24.11.2009

Silverman, Jon (2010 Chair, 'Crime & Punishment in the 21st century' (Part of Myths &Realities public debates, ESRC, British Academy, British Library, 8.2.2010

Silverman, Jon (2010), Chair, National Offender Management Conference, 8.6.2010

Wolfe, Kathryn attended MeCCSA conference, January 2010

Wolfe, Kathryn 'The CETL C-Space as a learning environment', presentation at Bridging the Gaps conference, University of Bedfordshire, July 2010



Layden, Garry and Hesketh Joslin, Dawn (2010) Funds of £472.76 awarded for Research Informed Teaching Project: “An evaluation of measures put in place to prepare Level 5 Interior Architecture and Interior Design Students to work collaboratively with Level 5 Contemporary Theatre Practice students”

Silverman, Jon (2010) Three-year research grant awarded by British Academy under its International Partnership programme to examine the impact of the media on transitional justice in Sierra Leone and Liberia. (Project starts Oct.2010)

Other activities

Callaghan, Joanna (2010) Artist talk, Whitechapel Gallery, London, 18 February 2010

Gordon Janey (2010) Launched Radio LaB 97.1 FM, full time community radio station based in University of Bedfordshire

Green D & Digance J, Curate British Shorts Film Festival and run Journey film workshops, Szimpla Kertmozi, Budapest, May 2009.

Green D & Digance J, Curate British Shorts Film Festival and run fiction film workshops, Sputnik Kino, Berlin, Jan 2010.

Green D & Digance J, Short film workshops , experimentation and Journeys, Sputnik Kino, Berlin, July 2009.

Green D & Digance J, Experimental film practice, Journeys and Movement, lecturers and workshops, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, July / Aug 2010.

Silverman Jon (2009-) Consultancy for BBC World Service Trust mentoring West African journalists covering the Charles Taylor trial in The Hague

Silverman Jon (2010), Member, Media & Public Confidence sub-group of the National Inquiry into Social Work, chaired by Professor Eileen Munro.

Stewart Gavin (2009) Texter-in-residence, A Mobile Phone Haiku Project, Determining Creative Practice - A practice-based research symposium,MeCCSA: Media, Communication & Cultural Studies Association, University of Bedfordshire, Luton

Wolfe, Kathryn, 'So You Want to Write a Text Book?' presentation to 2D, March 10

Wolfe, Kathryn 'What are the main differences between acting and presenting on camera in terms of the skills you need to display?' The Stage, 1.7.10

Wolfe, Kathryn The Stage TV Presenting supplement, contributor 8.7.10

Wolfe, Kathryn, 'So You Want to be a TV Presenter?' Book review, The Stage, 8.7.10

Wolfe, Kathryn, My West London Life, http://www.westlondonliving.co.uk/west-london-life/kathryn-wolfe

Wolfe, Kathryn, The Write Pitch, http://www.twelvepoint.com/?q=articles/write-pitch 20.7.10


Douglas, Noel (2010) Book Cover 'Dark Matter–Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture', Gregory Sholette Pluto Books 2010

Esteem, Awards and Prizes

Mellor, Noha Evaluator at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, assessing the impact of the the Ministry’s Media Cooperation Program with the Arab World, 2008.

Bids Tenders etc

Bailey, H Collaborative bid AHRC

Callaghan, J Collaborative bid AHRC

Callaghan, J Wellcome Trust Arts Awards

Callaghan, J Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts

Callaghan, J British Academy

Green D & Digance J, AHRC.
Gordon, J Ofcom Community Radio Awards

Silverman J Nuffield Foundation

Weedon A Leverhulme