Enter Your Research Outcomes 2013-14

Please update with all your research and practice outputs from 1 August 2013 to 31 July 2014 only please. These go into the RIMAD annual report (academic year) and University of Bedfordshire Annual report (calender year).


Edited works


Hockley, L., (2013) 'Somatic Cinema – how the unconscious finds meaning in movies.' Conference title: 'Psyche and Society', The Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies (JSSS), Loyola University, Chicago, USA.

Invited Talks

Hockley, L., (2013) 'Cinema, Affect and the Body: A Jungian Reflection'. Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpinteria, California, USA.


Group exhibitions

Peer reviewed journal articles

Mellor, Noha (2013) Who represents the Egyptian revolutionaries? Mediterranean Politics, Vol. 18.
Mellor, Noha (2013) Gender Boundaries inside the Newsroom, Journal for Gender Studies, Vol. 22(1): 79-91.

Articles and chapters

Charles, A. (2013) 2013: Review: Misunderstanding the Internet in Convergence 19:3, 383-384.
Hawksley, S., Biggs, S. & Paine, G. (2013) Bodytext: somatic data as agency in interactive dance, in: Cleland, K., Fisher, L. & Harley, R. (2013) Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium of Electronic Art, ISEA2013, Sydney. Available at: http://hdl.handle.net/2123/9697
Hawksley, S. (2013) Dancing on the head of a Sin: touch, dance and taboo, Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Vol.19 (4) pp.84-97. Available at: http://www.leoalmanac.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/LEAVol19No4-Hawksley.pdf
Mellor, Noha (2013)Bin Laden’s Women. In Susan Jeffords & Fahed Al-Sumait (eds.) After Bin Laden: Political Actors, News Media, and Popular Cultures. University of Illinois Press (in press).
Mellor, Noha (2013) Arab British Muslims and Religious Media in Ehab Galal (ed.) Arab Audiences of Religious Media. London: Routledge (in press)
Mellor, Noha (2013) New Modes of Communication: Web Representations and Blogs. In Suad Joseph (ed.) Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures. Brill. http://referenceworks.brillonline.com/entries/encyclopedia-of-women-and-islamic-cultures/new-modes-of-communication-web-representations-and-blogs-gulf-states-COM_001443

Pedagogical research



Print and online Journalism




Charles, A. (2013). Newspaper review on BBC 3 Counties Radio, 26 October 2013.

Charles, A. (2013). Newspaper review on BBC 3 Counties Radio, 24 August 2013.

Conference papers

Hawksley, S., Paine, G., and Biggs, S. (2013) 'Crosstalk'. TaPRA (Theatre and Performance Research Association) 2013 Conference, University of Glasgow and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, September 2013
Lovett, G (2013), 'Photographed Space and the (no) Body' presented at the 'Body Conscious Design Laboratory Conference', Bratislava Technical University, September 2013

Conference/Workshop attendence/participation

Biggs, S., Hawksley, S., and Paine, G. 'Crosstalk' (2013) Performance/presentation at 'Glitch'd' workshop as part of Edinburgh International Festival 2013, University of Edinburgh Edinburgh College of Art, August 2013
Lovett, G & Tzvetanova-Yung, S (2013), '101 ways to start a conversation with strangers: Research on social interactions in the build environment' Workshop at the 'Computer Human Interaction Conference', University of Trento, Italy, September 2013



Other activities


Esteem, Awards and Prizes

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