Getting Started Writing A Paper

Getting started writing a research paper

Check out these useful tips for writing a literature review download the .pdf It is a handy tutorial which focuses on publishing in scholarly journals. It will help you

  • Describe the role of scholarly publishing in an academic career
  • List the essential steps of planning and writing a scholarly paper.
  • Develop a personal publication plan
  • Compare and contrast the different publishing models currently in use
  • Describe the types of articles you can write
  • List the pros and cons of collaborative authoring
  • Describe the tools and resources a scholarly writer needs to have on hand

Publish or perish

Writing the abstract and keywords

There is a move towards more structured abstracts and improving keywords. Why? In this online world and the gradual move to open access journal publishing, a good abstract allows your work to be searched for and found.

See Emerald's advice at []

Wondering what journal to approach?

It is vital to engage the editor of the proposed journal in dialogue before submission. You must also be clear about the journal's aims and style. Ensure your article is written for the journal. Do not send large chunks of your thesis, or 'chapters' of any kind. In our increasingly output orientated age the ESF have ranked journals in Art and Art History, Architectural and Design History, painting; photography; cinema; sculpture; and architecture See for a list of the journals. There maybe a journal there you have not considered.