New students

When you start your studies you will be invited to enrol at the Research Graduate School. Enrolments are at the beginning of October, February and June. At that point your will receive your Research Student Handbook, your university login and your identification card. You should ensure you sign up for the Research Graduate School's training sessions on a Wednesday afternoon and get training in our virtual learning environment: Pebblepad.

Following your enrolment you will be invited to meet with the Director of the Research Institute and your supervisory team. You should also make an appointment to see the Head of Division in your area, and introduce yourself and your research topic. At this meeting we will go though the 'life cycle' of a research student, outline what to expect in a supervision and give you pointers on completing your RS1 - the registration of your study aim and confirmation of your supervisory team. Ethics guidance and information on getting research funding are available on this site and your supervisors will talk this though with you.

You should discuss with your supervisors any training needs you many have.

You will also be shown to your office and introduced to other research students.

Each Research Institute runs a general seminar series and the Centres and Research Groups (which are focused research areas in the Institute), run topic specific programmes too. You are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in the research culture of the Institute. You will see the Research Institute seminar series advertised on this site under seminars. The Centres advertise locally separately.

Your supervisory team is your main point of contact. However if you have problems which you cannot, or do not wish to discuss with them, please make an appointment with the Director of the Research Institute, Professor Alexis Weedon - email charmaine.cummings at