Research Ethics

Thinking about the ethical implications of your research is important

Before undertaking a Media, Art or Design research project you will wish to consider the ethical implications of your proposal. Check out the paper on the Research Ethics in Art, Design and Media Website and if dealing with participants ensure it is in accord with the BSA guidelines British Sociological Association’s Statement of Ethical Practice, and in particular the section on relationships with research participants. The British Psychological Society has a document called Ethical Principles for Conducting Research with Human Participants Ethical Principles.pdf

Ethics workshop pack

There is also a project which investigated approaches to ethics in art, design and media research and it developed an online resource containing case studies and guidance, which can be used as part of research training and there is a downloadable as a workshop pack.

If you are putting together a research bid you will need to check to see if it has ethical implications. It must got to the Director of the Research Institute Professor Garry Whannel to be circulated to the ethics committee. You will be required to complete a University research ethics form for each research project undertaken which is available from the Research Graduate School site on BREO and may need a consent form (see below)

Internet research

Charles Ess and the association of internet researchers have studied and drawn together experience of the ethical considerations you need to think about when doing ANY internet research. Ethics for internet research

Consent forms

PhDs are now considered published works so you will need to obtain consent to publish words and images gained in your research. The two forms below may be appropriate for your project.


As your work is published you will need to obtain copyright permissions for all long quotes and images in your text which do not come under 'fair dealing' (be aware that it is not the same in the US as in the UK). Here is a good source of information on what PhD and Master's students should consider ADHS copyright page, and .pdfs at Bradford and Leicester

Codes of practice for practitioners - Journalists

The International Federation of Journalists has outlined these principles