Seminars 2011-12

Research talks and seminars run on Wednesday lunch time. Dave Miller curated the 2011-12 series. Previous series can be located here

Research Seminars 2011-12

The programme of RIMAP Research Seminars 2011-12 is being developed below. The seminars are held on Wednesdays 1.00 pm in A107, Park Square, Luton . All welcome. If you have a suggestion for a speaker or would like to give a presentation on your latest work then please feel free to get in contact with Dave Miller.

2011/2012 Term One

Event Date Location Speaker Title
1 2.11.11 A107 - 1pm -2pm Christopher Nicholson, Independent Film Director The film that would not get made!
2 9.11.11 A107 - 1pm -2pm RIMAD Board

2011/2012 Term Two

3 11.1.12 Various - Afternoon MECSSA Conference See
3 12.1.12 Various - All Day MECSSA Conference See
3 13.1.12 Various - All Day MECSSA Conference See
4 1.2.12 A107 - 1.00pm Ivor Gaber, U of Beds Research Methods and the Media
5 15.2.12 A107 - 1.00pm Helena Bassil-Morozow Tim Burton: the monster and the crowd (from her book of this title)
6 22.2.12 A107 - 1.00pm Michelle Paule, Oxford Brookes University Small Screen Smarts: Narratives and representations of gender and ability in Teen TV
7 29.2.12 A107 - 1.00pm Dr. Akmal Abdelrahman, Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt The Impact of the Egyptian Revolution on Contemporary Egyptian Art (Revolutionized Art)
7 14.3.12 A107 - 1.00pm Geraint John , Chief Architect, GB Sports Council Designing a Sustainable Architecture and Legacy for the London 2012 Olympic Games
8 21.3.12 A107 - 1.00pm Paul Rowinski, U of Beds Berlusconi,Murdoch and the language of prejudice over Europe.
9 28.3.12 A107 - 1.00pm Tamiko Thiel - media artist developing the dramatic and poetic capabilities of various forms of virtual and augmented reality as a medium for exploring social and cultural issues. See and also:

2011/2012 Term Three

9 25.4.12 A107 - 1.00pm Austin Fisher, U of Beds Go West Comrade! Revising the Frontiers of the Spaghetti Western
10 2.5.12 A107 - 1.00pm
11 8.5.12 A107 - 1.00pm Katy Haber MBE, Hollywood producer Her experience in the making of the films Blade Runner and Straw Dogs and about violence in films, specifically those of iconic director Sam Peckinpah.
12 9.5.12 A107 - 1.00pm Justin Schlosberg, Goldsmiths University REVITALISING PUBLIC INTEREST NEWS - the broader structural issues that have compromised the provision of public interest journalism across platforms.
13 16.5.12 A107 - 1.00pm David Moorhead, PhD student, U of Beds Impact of Commercial Ideology on Adaptation from Novel to Screenplay/ Film
14 23.5.12 A107 - 1.00pm Tom Scott - Sky 1 HD Gadget Geek The Internet, the accelerating pace of change, and how to deal with social media - See
15 30.5.12 A107 - 1.00pm Michael Szpakowski Recent work - 12 remix competitions, learning to draw in public and rehabilitating the snapshot.
16 6.6.12 A107 - 1.00pm Agnieszka Piotrowska, U of Beds Showing a roughcut of her latest film, THE ENGAGEMENT PARTY IN HARARE, which has created a controversy in Harare, Zimbabwe.
17 13.6.12 Various - All Day Under the Mask 2012: Perspectives on the Gamer conference See
18 20.6.12 A107 - 1.00pm Dr. David Barnard-Wills, Cranfield University, VOME. Playing With Privacy See