Seminars 2015-16

The programme of RIMAP Research Seminars 2015-16 is being developed below.
The seminars are held on Wednesdays lunchtime from 1pm - 2pm in Room A107, Park Square, Luton (How to get here -
If you have a suggestion for a speaker or would like to give a presentation on your latest work then please feel free to get in contact with Dr Elena Caoduro <||orudoaC.anelE>or Professor Weedon who are curating the series
Previous series can be located here

Embedded within this programme is an 'occasional series' of research talks around discussions of what
constitutes 'storytelling' across different media. We want to raise and discuss questions which help us explore transmedia storytelling and cross-media aesthetics and media literacy. Our initial thoughts are around questions such as:

How do different genres translate or appeal across media
How do different media create 'affectivity' in narratives
What are the rewards for the listener/reader/use of engaging with forms of storytelling


Event Number Date Location/Room Speaker Seminar Title
1 18 November 15 A107 16.00-17.00 Dr Tim Jarvis Ludic Hypertexts: Twine Storytelling
2 25 November 15 A107 13:00-14:00 Dr Jane Carr Disrupting the Habitus-What can be learned from the experiences of dance improvisation to inform creative models for social interactions and the identities to which they give rise?
3 2 December 15 A107 13:00-14:00 Amanda Egbe
4 9 December 15 A107 13:00-14:00 Prof Alexis Weedon Staff and PGR workshop Getting a paper accepted: Under the bonnet of a research journal
5 date? A107 13:00-14:00 Dr Elena Caodora tbc
6 17 February 2016 A107 13:00-14:00 Dr Samantha Rayner The Academic Book of the Future
7 24 February 2016 A107  13:00-14:00   Prof Karen Randell   The 9/11 Catastrophe Movie 
8 2 March 2016 A107  13:00-14:00   Professor Julia Knight    tbc  
9 9 March 2016 A107  13:00-14:00   Dr Simon Frost    tbc  
10 A107  13:00-14:00          
11 A107  13:00-14:00